Thursday, 25 August 2016

[Videos]: 5 Best Moments of Medina

Happy Birthday Medina!
To celebrate Medina's 5th Birthday, we put 4 brand new and 1 best videos from the last one year in this blog.
Enjoy, and don't forget to drop some comments.


1. An Interview with Medina.
And, dont' miss the surprise. Watch it until the end. :)

2.  Medina Retells The Three Little Pigs

3. Medina retells a story titled: Room on the Broom
One of her most favorite book. She learned to memorize word by word by heart from Julia's performance.

4. Medina performs Rebana Dance.
Trinity Center, 7 May 2016, organized by Bristol Indonesian Society.

5.  Islamic Cultural Fayre, 7 August 2016.
Halal BiHalal (Post-Ramadan Gathering) in Bristol, organized by Bristol Muslim Cultural Society.
In the afternoon, the host announced that he invited children to recite short surahs or other activities. At first, Medina did not want to go. "I don't want to recite surah". But minutes later she changed her mind: " But I want to read Doa". So She read 2 short duas

If the video didn't work, click: here 

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