Monday, 5 December 2016

Brilliant appreciation: the 3rd Award this year!

Written by: Ibu Rossy

"Medina is an excellent learner because she is unstoppable like LBOT and is trying really hard with her writing". (the certificate, signed by B Pritchard, her teacher, 29/11/2016)

Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah, Medina has won (another) award from school. This time is an appreciation for her effort in writing. So proud of my little angel, and appreciate what the school has done. This is really a brilliant idea to embrace the every progress of the learning process.
the proud pupils

accepting the award from the head teacher

the assembly

Every year, the school gives award to pupils (two pupils of each class) who
have put a lot of effort to achieve improvement. Some have improved in
writing, others in Math, andthere are also who spread positive environment
such as reading, embracing every challenge, etc; all the achievement that
cannot be represented by numbers/figures.
By appreciating the uniqueness of every child and their effort to improve in
every field they are struggling, surely it will boost their confidence and
motivation to achieve more.
Medina, I believe that this leap frog will bring you to another giant step in
the years ahead.
“ The place where we grew up influences the way of our thoughts, feelings
and action...” (From executive book summary of Hofstede, 2005).

First award: link
Second award: link

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